Recumbent Bike Construction Links

Recumbent bike by Steve Nurse. An article in the OzHPV newsletter HUFF.

Homebuilt LaMaR recumbent

Tour Easy Clone

Scam Bent

Collapsible SWB Recumbent Bicycle

The Gray's Winter Recumbent Project

Ros Festiva Low Racer

Malcolm Steck's HPV'S

WISIL HPV Projects, Rumors, and Ramblings

Long Wheelbase Easy Racer clone frame plans

Steve's Recumbent Bicycle Project

Merijn Wijnen's carbon monocoque tandem

Don Boose builds an EconBent

The 12 cent bent

HPV Construction Projects including Lean Steer Trike & Row Bike

Fred's Ligfiets Plaza with Lowracer plans to download

Steve's Recumbent bike page

Skoop's Frame building Page. Not really about recumbents but shows how to build a simple rear suspension system

Barnett Williams' Recumbent Page

How to make a short wheel base recumbent bike out of mild steel.

Dave Barrett's Econobent Saga

Darryl Shelswell's Recumbents

BMX to Recumbent bike conversion project

Forrest's BMX to Recumbent conversion project

A bent bike project

Flevo Back to Back Tandem - 4.6meg Acrobat file with detailed building instructions.

How Not To Build a Lightweight P-38

Recumbent bicycles - Ideas and designs

FWD Fully Suspended SWB Recumbent

Child Recumbent Project

Erik Wannee's recumbent bike site

RichardDominics Citour/Speedstour prototype FWD RWS

Paul Keen's FWD bike

Bentbrook's Best Bent Bicyclist


Thursday, 29 January 2009