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Velomobile - Discussion forum for designers, builders, and owner/riders of velomobiles.

Framebuilders -- Amateur and professional bicycle frame building

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MnHPVA eMail List By Mark Stonich
I have started an eMail list including all of you for whom I have eMail addresses. It has been very useful for getting out time sensitive information, such as changes to ride schedules or the cheap tubing info. If you have eMail and want to be included, send me your address at Since I'm not making any promises about how often I'll be getting newsletters out, I strongly suggest getting on this list.

Chicagoland Recumbent Riders Mailing List

The Linear Recumbent Bicycle Resource Mailing List

BikeE Mailing List -; “subscribe”, For list info, write with Subject: info

Ransbike mailing list

Thys Rowingbike Mailinglist

FAI Man-powered Aircraft Information mailing list

Electric Vehicle Discussion list

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Bike-OZ mailing list

From: Alan Thwaits
I've started a mailing list called Velomobile, which I invite you to join.
Not meaning to take anything away from the Trikes list, just wanting to offer a focused forum for discussion of the joys and trials of designing, building, and riding velomobiles. By velomobile, I mean a fully-enclosed human-powered vehicle, either single- or multi-track, that replaces (or has the potential to replace) an automobile. Seems to me that velomobile design and usage pose specific issues, questions, and solutions that may not be of interest to other HPV users.
To subscribe to the Velomobile list, send a blank message to:
In the Subject header of the message, type: subscribe velomobile

Feet Forwards - For the discussion of FF motorcycles and Tilting three wheelers.


BikeE mailing list.  Send a blank e-mail to to subscribe or to subscribe to the digest.


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