From: Carey Chen

Guzman wrote:
'How can I attach a aluminum hub, probably with compound curves to a cro-mo hub?'

Bolt it to the frame, on the first big WHIRL ride in 1998, there was a home build that used such a setup. It used a rear hub which also had the intermediate drive as part of it.

'Better yet, how can I reproduce the necessary structure to support the bearings for the arm?'

This bike had the hub bolted to the frame by drilling out the spoke holes, for I guess 5mm bolts.

And maybe, how to make the rear arm rigid, since its hinge end is "open" like forks. This is probably not an issue, just make it long enough and run some cross pieces.

On Alan's Outlander 22 the rear swing arm pivot is the rear axle assembly from a Suntour Grease Guard hub. This has a 10mm axle with sealed cartridge bearings. The cartridge bearings are held in the frame by a tube that looks like a BB shell. The swing arm is adjustable in the horizontal axis and the longitudinal axis. The horizontal axis is done with what looks like forward facing track drop outs. The other is done with shims and set screws. The swingarm it self is made of 1" square steel tube with 2 cross members, plus a plate on which the elastomer pushes on. It is very rigid.



Thursday, 29 January 2009