What we're about!


Tas HPV are a group of people, mainly in the North West part of Tasmania who are into building and riding recumbent cycles. We aim to be a catalist for awareness of HPV's in Tasmania and are keen to offer assistance in the design and construction or purchase of a machine. As it evolves there will be regular rides and meetings and at present there are no membership fees.

So is this just another bike club.
In Tasmania there are already existing clubs that cater for BMX, road racing and even high wheelers so no, not in that sense. We want to cater to people interested in using vehicles that are different from the conventional machines. We don't believe a perfect machine is yet built and there is a lot of room for improvement.

This may mean that they are:

  1. More practical than what is on offer commercially.
  2. More comfortable.
  3. Faster.
  4. Recumbent.
  5. Man powered aircraft or boats.
  6. Tricycles, bikes, handcycles, quadcycles or even unicycles.
  7. Has some sort of power assist.

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