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 Cranking water ~ CHALLENGE ~

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
onetonpump Posted - 10/21/2009 : 18:36:05
A sinking boat motivated me: long ago.
So me & Hugh invented the "ONETONPUMP"for hand cranking or pedalling.
Soon the design will be "out-there" for you to copy & make your own::
Then we can have "Pedal-Pump~Regattas"
At present ~ ~ I claim to have an axial-flow-turbine, with the most flow @ 1m 2m for 1minute sprint & 1 hour endurance : one & two operators.
Any challenges?
Botany Bay

Water // water // water
30   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
onetonpump Posted - 03/09/2017 : 23:56:18
"If you really want to do something , you will find a way"
"If you don't you will find an excuse""!
Jim Rohn.~~~~~~

Progress is immanent, a change in the layout of the bearings , to make the alignment of the impeller in the ring happen with accuracy.
Previously this required expertise now it's going to be automatic.
Something that's been bothering me, so finally redesign & tomorrow weld a part & put it on.
Then set it up in a tank & make that video.
Somebody I know is sailing in Antarctic waters, closing Cape Hoorn: already she's had bilge water issues.
I remember "Movistar" a round the world racer got a metre of bilge water in that place, before sinking in "Atlantis" later.
Making a better bilge pump is my plan, no doubt there are more 'bugs' to be ironed out.

Anyway I'm still on the job.

& the pedal powered edition has grown so there are four sets of pedals with the cranks set 30* apart smooth torque !

Water // water // water
onetonpump Posted - 12/31/2016 : 21:07:25
"This is the year to make it happen"
Just watch & see!. 2017 is NEW.
The four-man [kid] pedaler is now assembled,
Each crank 30* different so 0-30-60-90 degrees separation, gives the "V-8" effect,smooth torque on the driveshaft.
I havn't operated it in this configuration yet.
Soon, as usual !

"Sometimes we stare so long at the door that has closed, we miss seeing the door that is open".~~Alexander Graham Bell.~~

Water // water // water
onetonpump Posted - 06/23/2016 : 01:46:30
"The greatest risk a man can take is not to aim too high & miss,but to aim too low & hit"
Michelangelo, he wrote that.
My aim is to make the highest output human powered bilge-pump to perform in this world.
Yes it is that already, but details remain for functionality.
Performance can be improved::just wait till I get one of those 3-D printing gadjets, iteration & functional additions; The leading edge keeps growing further forward, I know where it is & how to catch up.
Focus & application when I've done with a bunch of distractions.
"The only people with whom you should try to get even are those who have helped you." ~~~~~John E. Southard.~~~

Water // water // water
onetonpump Posted - 06/01/2016 : 01:00:03
Aye, Aye, I got it right, many learned a skill they had vaguely heard about.
Raised eyebrows & saucer eyes, opened in astonishment.!
Here I am in a harbour where this sculling skill has all but vanished.
I play the part of an ancient Mariner, passionate that the willing & able seamen can learn & use this ability.
I am learning how to learn em! The show happened; three days at a Nautical Museum, I set up on a pontoon, scullocks [not rowlocks], which are essentially one decimeter semicircles, mounted horizontally, made of jigsawed ply one or two centimeters thick.
I screwed these to a board & G-clamped the board to the wooden edge of the pontoon & one higher up on a SS ladder projecting above the dock.
I made a tandem-oar with two oars linked to operate in parrallel & rotate at the same angle, so I could work the one & the learner hold the other ;; remarkably effective ,the 'hands-on' experience dispensed with all my verbose 'gobbledegook' chatter which I realise only confused them!..
THE STAR OF THE SHOW was a four metre lifeboat oar with a straight blade .
I found that by moving it side to side with flat blade to start,almost horizontal, then putting on a bit of lift at each extremity, till ,cranking on more angle ,then letting it plunge, I got the water moving [stationary dock] & I worked it to the infinity curve [horizontal figure of eight] showing how the propulsion happened; & human power caused a vehicle to move.

So I hope more human powered vehicles will be on the move !

Water // water // water
onetonpump Posted - 03/17/2016 : 15:43:37
A wayward vagabond, wandering on another 'path less often travelled':: I got a gig to perform at a boat show for antique boats at a Museum [far away at the end of the world [as most of you guys know it]]
Human Powered Vehicle [boat] propulsion.
Simply sculling,wagging an oar,twisting it to make it a flying foil.
I learned the skill,as a child on an island in a tropic sea,ever since extolled the virtues,wherby one can be self reliant ,when a motor breaks or runs out of fuel,the oar provides thrust,which gives headway to navigate,move it where I want to go.
To teach people [to be able seaman] I tried writing,talking & demonstrating,all this proved to be confusing,with little result.
Now I'm making a tandem oar rig,so two oars move in parrallel & twist in unison,by linkages. I operate the active oar,the learner holds the passive,feels the technique to 'swim' the foil,I do expect to achieve better results this way.
That's the plan,the show is in a month,for three days,I set up the tandem=sculls on a dock,so the tryos can take turns & the spectators see it from a higher cirque.
What's the point? Yes ablesculler@gmail.com is my new address!
As an ancient mariner handing over valuable skill on lifes' great stage,I go my way;like you IHPVA aficianados in these days of 'carbon footprints'you understand.
Maybe IHPVA can have a new catagory for speed records?
On Easter sunday at an island in a river,a group of HP boaters [paddle,pedal,oars only] have a boating competition for canoes/dories/dinghys:: I plan to have the sculling competition,timed runs around a buoy in the same boat.Be there!
Archaic Antipodean dreams! A long hot summer~~~~~~~~~~


Water // water // water
onetonpump Posted - 02/21/2016 : 20:38:39
"We learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not finding it than we do from learning the answer itself."~~~~~~Lloyd Alexander~~~
I can agree with that quote, learning what I little expected ,more of that expecting the unexpected has got me on a new track,reinventing this unusual human powered pump to be another variant.
Of course I'm still trying for an effective ,reliable,durable bilge pump, for the sailors 'last chance.'
my "ship" of life as I know it keeps sinking,so I get distracted having to adapt to new ways to bail this bilge.
I'm still floating,stormy weather has calmed,reefs are ahead,navigating on a new course, survival depends on pump design.Streamlines must be sleek;energy input for a rotodynamic pump depends on flying foils in fluid;it's the rate of twist in the foil which varies the tip loading,that is where the cavitation starts;the angle of attack too is affected by the shape of the leading edge.
Thick leading edges can tolerate a wider range of angles of attack,but they drag down the peak efficency,it's a compromise which varies the shape of the efficiency curve. NACA profiles are the choice.
Unashamedly dense technobabble // geekiness, it's relevant for this leading edge.
Meantime the show is still not even near the road,,I seek inspiration.
My 'stars' tell me
"Before an arrows' shot is pulled back. When life seems to be pulling me backwards;that's the signal to focus my aim where I want to go. Being willing to start afresh opens doors of support;like I would not believe". ~~~SMH~~
OK so I have made a fresh start in a new direction & supportive energy is apparent.
I cannot do this alone !

Water // water // water
onetonpump Posted - 11/29/2015 : 14:15:50
" It is through science that we prove but through intuition that we discover ". ~~~Jules. H .Poincare.

Yes navigation by instinct has been my course. Currently entering 'stormy seas',my ship is in danger of sinking,, metaphorical 'bige-pumps' are required. A safe haven for creative behaveiour is on the other side.
I got three mock-ups of the real bilge pump assembled & photographed,next look at that,put it in water.
I need to make one for rental fleets of open boats,which exist here, so the operator can chuck the pump in one after another to empty a rainstorm of water. the same pump should be capable of quick attatchment to a flooded power or sailboat.

"I am not discouraged because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward." ~~~~~~~~Thomas Edison.

Water // water // water
onetonpump Posted - 09/26/2015 : 16:43:18
"You see things; and you say "why"?.But I dream things ;which never were;and I say "Why not ?"~~~~~~~~~~G.B.Shaw~~~

OK so I did a mockup took pictures; it will work,hand cranked,while water rises up to your armpits,pump under your feet,so that's about 1.5m drawdown,which could stop the boat sinking.
The pump & cranks are mounted on square hollow section tube,so they can slide up & down : if the pump clogs or jams,free the discharge pipe , slide turbine up get it going then slide it down ,back into action.Yes while the water sloshes around,in the dark,storm raging,boat sinking,Cape Hoorn to port.Dire circumstances,yes "Why not?" Maybe I could survive.
A round the World yacht racer was in that circumstance when it's canting keel seal broke,"Movistar" by name,they saved it then but lost it later in mid Atlantic,same problem.How to solve the problem is my quest.

"Confusion is a word we have invented for an order which is not yet understood."~~~~~~~~~Henry Miller~~~~~~~

Water // water // water
onetonpump Posted - 09/25/2015 : 00:14:45
I cut metal for the new model bilge pump. A positive action,tomorrow some welding.

Maybe I'm lucky to be going so slowly,because I might be going in the wrong direction. ~~~~~~~~Ashleigh Brilliant~

Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around in awareness. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~James Thurber~~~~~

Water // water // water
onetonpump Posted - 06/25/2015 : 16:05:36
Yes the last boat I was on keeps on trying to sink in a variety of ways.
So I renewed my Marine Qualification this week, noticing a big promo board on a wall saying "Aims & Objectives" of the department is to "Promote Safer Boating" for the boaters; I suggested that this beaurocracy could chuck a 'ton o money' towards making a better bilge-pump;; well you should have heard the laughter,Ho Ho as i went out the door!
No joking ;I've got to perservere, however other priorities today.
Tomorrow on the case;;yes definitely.
Human power is an alternative to the gas-guzzling ,power hungry machines,which are causing this carbon dioxide in the air global-warming that even a Pope is carrying on about.

"When will they ever learn?" BOB DYLAN

Water // water // water
onetonpump Posted - 04/20/2015 : 22:08:31
"STRATEGY NAVIGATION" is pointless as the point finds new horizons.
Directions change as circumstances will.
All I considered relevant was reassessed,is now finding ways to better results with a real chance ::
Big developement in a hydrodynamic lab. near here open up scope for what I've hoped for to occurr.
Understanding how to move water is a mysterie to most,well the physical object is the best teacher but now with CFD [computer fluid dynamics] & the 3-D printers this technology can be distributed :: with a CLICK!
Yes throw it at the students for a "GLOBAL STUDENT CHALLENGE" and improve it,while they learn the 'ins & outs' of pumpinology [which somebody has to know about]


Water // water // water
onetonpump Posted - 02/23/2015 : 17:51:40
Navigation of strategies is being considered,course to set for a desired destination of out comes.
OTP bilger I owe to my fellow seafarers,for their 'dire-straights',when all could be lost,so perserverence happens,a result eventually::I do promise.
As for the "HUMAN POWERED PUMP REGATTA" that's still a fictional fantasy,yes/but It may occurr!
Meantime 'bushwhaking' & other issues is occupying time,plans form.

"Always leave enough time in your life to do something that makes you happy ,satisfied even Joyous.That has more of an effect on economic wellbeing than any other single factor.""~~~Paul Hawken~~~~

Water // water // water
onetonpump Posted - 01/04/2015 : 22:22:07
Wreseleling in a tight space with a rubber impeller in a 500 Kw turbo V-8,two feet in the bilge;once again on the job in a vessel,which occaisionally starts filling from unexpected scources.
So I prepare for that.
In this case,a boat with three bulkheads,could flood the motor & float on the fore//aft compartments.
A OTP hand-winder can be installed on a pillar, a post, a stanshon,telescoped between the bilge & overhead,stabilised by struts & stays,with a movable platform for standing on.So I'll make that ASAP.
Human powered equipment,is this a new paradigm,do we once again do active physical work for other than gym sessions?
It's a tool,useful when needed,irellevant to most.
The whole topic of moving water in this way is obscure:; yes it's a twisted tale of flying foils ,tangled pipes,spinning gears & meshing chains,cranked by articulated limbs.
Now fifteen year "Teenagers" of this century~~
Keep on Pumping"

Water // water // water
onetonpump Posted - 12/06/2014 : 21:58:39
It's the 'little ones' who are most fascinated by moving water;;so lately the little pumps have arrived to be setup for the visiting childers to try ,where I live;cooling sprays in this hot summertime,using a stirrup-pump,that's a start.

"And drink before lifes' liquour in its' cup be dry" !~~~
also~~OMAR KAYAAM.~~

Water // water // water
onetonpump Posted - 10/27/2014 : 16:34:53
So the show goes on : but only in my imagination; Where I am 'casting' the characters to play "The Three Stooges","Abbott & Costello"::with walk-ons' by "Charlie Chaplain" & "Marcel Marceau" to come sailing on a trailer-on-wheels on scene,rig a tarp for shade,unload,set-up,assemble&operate the PUMP-CIRCUS,which starts with the pedal=peleton=pump lifting & discharging a splash into a curled-up corrugated transparent roof-panel,back into a tank/pool.
The script is for the CLOWNS to do it wrong every way capable.
"Murphy- Law"Demo.
Story of me life,in aspects,how did I learn,yes I've made mistakes & learned some,more to go as I wander into as yet undefined water lifting applications,while
Progress is happening,constant attention to detail//modification.The 2X1.2 box trailer had its' tent/tarp/boat=rack/frame almost complete,with more enjoyable "SERENDIPITOUS" surprises as 'added-features' materialised,functionality improves,adding weight too++
A few more mistakes to be sorted,turning stuff into ideas realising prototypes.Some things are OK like performance is excellent,a good feature for improving!

"Awake my Little Ones"~~~~~~OMAR KAYAAM~

Water // water // water
onetonpump Posted - 10/09/2014 : 23:15:34
"You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm". ~ ~COLLETTE.

So I continue to prepare for "THE PUMP CIRCUS" to perform.
Now making a 2m extension for another two pedal powerers,so makes four,this bit is lower seat height for children,optional.
Another variant,with a longer drive extension is being made;; this makes it possible to lay it on a sloping bank or pump down 2m from a pool edge.
Still waiting for another 'factor'~??
Must make that bilger~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~& continue 'fooling around'~~~~~&

Water // water // water
onetonpump Posted - 08/18/2014 : 20:34:31
So it's on 3-wheels ready to roll.
Put it in a trailer & sort tools,spares,pipes & other 'junk' to go anywhere to lift water.Starting with a 'kid-pool' or bathtub in a suburban park on dads'day soon.A public display to get me out of obscurity in a distant shed~photos will be taken~you'll see.

"I shut my eyes in order to see." ~~PAUL GAUGUIN~~

Water // water // water
onetonpump Posted - 07/14/2014 : 23:24:33
Derricks are poles with a 'gooseneck' at the heel;jibs for cranes;they slew,hinge up & down, maybe rotate,usually with a pulley at the end with guys to control it,topping lift to hoist it.
A tube or two holes to control a 1.2cm pin [bolt] around which the heel slews;welded to 1dm of 3.5shs 5cm out from a corner~zap!I have to make.
Then the discharge pipe can swing side to side & fill a row of containers [Otto-bin]::an easy way of accurate flow quantity Q measurement,with a stopwatch for the rate calculation.
So the "CHALLENGE" continues,have you got beyond thinking about it?
More doings tomorrow,operating could happen,in a shed by a riverside.
Device to hold a turnbuckle to tension the main-chain.
Camlocks for axle-brackets.
Align the big chailwheel;oil the chain,put it on,align chain & sprokets,fit d/p jib,pump,join the pipe to the pump with a bit of inner-tube using hose-bands;[flexible-join],adjust the cantilevered end of the d/p jib using chain+turnbuckle stays.X-Y-Z for the beginning of the pipe is fully adjustable :: then the top of the pipe [outlet] is held by the end of the jib/derrick,so it can be slewed & raised & lowered,while the pump is operating,splashing water around or filling successive containers ,changing channels to feed different reservoirs,anyway the discharge pipe has to be controlled both ends,so it won't lean on the flexible pump & distort it: a pipe full of water is a heavy thing. Not at all like what it is when empty.
Once again a drought seems to be happening,record dry spell recently,about to get a bit of a 'splash' with a dash of rain due.
The bush is lush after last summer wetness,if it dries it'll burn big.
The only thing that a 'OTP" rig could do is to go to the billabong or creek to fill a tank on wheels;for firefighting the "PELETON" frame could power a higher pressure pump to squirt the flames;as a previous 'Bush-fire-fighter' I can tell you that!"even a 40litre backpac,with hand-pump & nozzle-hose is effective "[in certain conditions].
Of course there are numerous petrop-powered pumps also.
I put out a serious fire with a WET-TOWEL ; but only just,on a hot day with a gusty wind in the long dry grass,thankfully!
It's the SINKING SAILOR who is a problem,which I've considered since spending my life bailing boats.
My very first experience afloat 4 y/o fine day,clear sandy bottom,in a 3m clinker dink,delighted by the FLOATING-FEELING I looked in the little vesel to note a shallow strip of water along the botton & in this was a RUSTY TIN CAN which in those days was the ordinary practice for BILGE-PUMPING :: that being the point of this long larding of jargon to extreme.
It's a busy life as you know!Depending on what you choose to do[conditions apply!];intentions vary & my plan is to navigate towards the mythical objective which is "The Bilge-Pump to beat the Bucket";the one being flung by the fully adrenal-energised "Frightened-Man"

"You are lost the instant you know what the result will be".~~Juan Gris~~

Water // water // water
onetonpump Posted - 07/12/2014 : 03:26:49
Another day a doing,cutting,drilling,grinding steel,paint later.
Got the crank-axles mounted on a bracket which fixes to 35 SHS,the big driving chainwheel is fixed by u-bolts to a plate below tight on the SHS; the one behind slides, pulled by a turnbuckle, to tension the chain.
The sliding one needs some way to stop it wobbling loosely,so wedges,a camlock or welded on nut for a bolt,should stiffen it.
A fixture to hold the turnbuckle for tensioning the drive-chain is needed then check the seats::could be ready to pump.
Then fit it to the trailer,sort the stuff & then go a road along!

Water // water // water
onetonpump Posted - 07/06/2014 : 02:57:39
"The most potent muse of all is our inner child."~~Stephen Nachmanovitch.

So my inner child is alive and dreaming:~years ago I took OTP to a science show,every school in town was bussed in,they loved it,just splash water & mezmerization happens! Six children under 2 y/o could turn it enough to get a slosh at low low head ,using hand cranks.
I've remade the frame,simplified,two horizontal beams + uprights & the pump/pipe support stuff in front,two riders & new is the add-on section for two more.The PELOTON-PUMP grows!
Soon to be put in the water for fine tuning.Then testing.
The paint is drying.
This proto has lower seats for children specially~four at a time.

Water // water // water
onetonpump Posted - 06/04/2014 : 21:15:46
Back to a drawing-board, next proto,"SQUARE LEG PELOTON" or a rectangular frame,with vertical//telescopic legs & horizontal beams for seats-top & pedals-below::extra modules can be 'plugged-in' to extend it 2X2,more workers,lighter load//greater delivery//continuous operation.The "LAY-SHAFT" variant is also manifesting!
The SLP frame is being welded together,just gotta add stiffeners & stuff,this is a simplified version of the "TELESCOPING LEG HORSE",without so many 'bells & whistles'details,a compromise with surprising SERENDIPITY;it never ceases to amaze me that apparent limitations lead to new abilities.The basic function of supporting 2X riders + pump//discharge pipe persist & other functions discover new dimensions,by which I mean there are unplanned advantages in operation,not compromises so much.
Progress persists with added determination.

Creation is only the projection into form of that which already exists~~Shrimad Bagavadam~~

Water // water // water
onetonpump Posted - 02/19/2014 : 21:30:15
So ,once again to the beach at the start of a sea-road;combed a big bag of detritus from the lee-shore @ low tide;Karma paid for a day!
Then,it was 'feet-on-deck' time, a ship [years ago I was Mate ,engineer & Bosun of this] -standing on a 200 tonne floating object,ready to roam,with new owners got me talking of bilge pumps.
Enough talk;more action,yes I have most bits,just assemble!
"THE PUMP CIRCUS: is shaping up,demo-day is a few weeks away;U-tube stuff to happen.
Made a bunch of belaying-pins on a lathe,yesterday for lashing lines.
Make feet next.

Water // water // water
onetonpump Posted - 11/20/2013 : 18:32:29
Some more progress; two jibs rigged,one to hold a little reservoir,made of transparent vynl,the pump discharge drops in & then exits to the HEG out the bottom.The splash is vizible & illuminated by a strobing LED.Lumps of water in 'freeze-frame'!Something to gaze at ;mezzmerised,that's the idea,entertaining education for an understanding of HYDRODYNAMICS.
The other jib holds the discharge pipe.
Both can be varied with two guys each,up/down-slewing;using rope & tackles or chain/wire rigging,just like the cranes on that old time three island freighter,a"Liberty-Ship" in which I crossed half this globe,while the Boson's apprentice,as a child.!
There is a gantry at this shed,I intend to hang up OTP[Peloton-Horse] to find the CG,balence dynamics,there are two lifting eyes,on top of leg crossing point;this will be unstable,stability can happen with the telescoping extensions.
It can be suspended,fitted with a nozzle & the jet-thrust measured to find a better vena-contracta.Then it can have a steerable swivelling body to direct the jet full circle,have a scoop inlet so that the suspended unit is free to swing on a single line with a swivel,pedal powered fun,wild ride experimental learning of a different dynamic
That's a performance for the fictional "PUMPCIRCUS",the gear to try it is available now.

"Develope interest in life as you see it;in people,things,literature,music-the world is so rich,simply throbbing with rich treasures,beautiful souls & interesting people.Forget yourself."~~HENRY MILLER~~

Water // water // water
onetonpump Posted - 11/10/2013 : 20:56:57
:Look & you will find it~what is unsought will go undetected." --SOPHOCLES--

It pumps fine.Still more details to make like feet for sand/mud/rock/delicate floors.Get a fine floating fish-net,to keep fish out!
Work on the HEG wiring needed.Making the bilge-version has started,again,with a different drive-extention & layout::this one is to slide up&down a pole inside the boat, the deck level grinder is another.
Several guys have worked it,pedalling hard on high lift 2m.
Next I'll rig a jib so the head can be changed quickly, by raise//lower the discharge pipe,all the stuff is there, just put it together.
I used a wood-lathe to make knobs for the ridge-pole ends [chafe protection] next a few eyelets & thats done,big 6X3 awning OK.
More attatchments to the trailer will add useful features.It carries the pump;can be a tank on wheels; a mobile office with wheelie spin around chairs & a table to sit behind at shows & demos ,when the time comes to answer questions & explain.Of course a 2X1.2 box trailer can have a tent over & around for sleep-outs on this journey [mozzie-proof]
But first a voyage to a bush place,after the rain currently falling,putting out the last of the recent ferocious fires.
These pedal pumps can be used to fill wheeled tankers from low beside a water source 2m lift max. The petrol variant has more grunt!
Tanks on wheels with powerful pumps is a way to fight fire.
Now at last the regs here make it mandatory to have a 10 - 20 Ton tank of water + pump, fundamental equipment for fire-zones.
I keep looking for things to add,"bells & whistles" galore,now is my chance,down by the riverside or aboard the sinking sailer some resources are not available, but in a shed there's plenty stuff & expertise to do things.

Water // water // water
onetonpump Posted - 10/28/2013 : 04:33:30
Discovering aspects I had not seen before occurrs at random times as I tease my brain wondering.
The centre vertical pole/mast/leg,can support an awning using a 3m tube for a ridge-beam,telescoped up as high as you want,held by a ring the beam can slide fore & aft,tilt and rotate controlled by two guy ropes each end,shade & shelter.
By jacking a leg down the frame can be lifted to take the load off the splayed legs while they extend/retract,alowing them to move in & out on the footprint,without dragging.
The pump is back in action,HEG being prepared.

"Play is the exultation of the possible." ~ Martin Buber.

Water // water // water
onetonpump Posted - 09/15/2013 : 05:03:18
"What lies behind us & what lies before us are tiny matters,compared to what lies within us." RALPH WALDO EMERSON .

Inside I know this idea will grow,not only a tool to shift water but also the uses it can be put to ~ learning people by the 'hands-on' interactive & vizual demo.Probably in gyms as the moving water adds another element,particularly if the energy is stored & then used later.It's the energy factor,an effective way of using muscle-power to help the brain percieve the weight of water & what work is required to lift it; to appreciate the pressure water from a tap has.
Meantime an awning 6X3m has arrived,a good shelter to stand on OTP like a big rectangular umbrella & four guy-ropes,adjustable tilt & direction.
It covers the frame while in the trailer,so it will be dry in the current rain.Aye but a week ago 30*Centigrade+ the bushfire started.
The pedal power pressure pump is needed as a last resort.
The backpack//hand pumped spray is effective sometimes,I've used them & it doused fire in the bush.Even a broken off branch can swat fire;better equipment is available ~ is it where it's needed??
Like the bilge pump,you'll never want it till you need it.
I met a navigator,preparing his vessel in a boatyard far away; he was prepared to pay whatever for the best,high volume pump available1.
I'm still working on that,started assembly,yesterday.

Water // water // water
onetonpump Posted - 09/09/2013 : 00:16:38
The journey begins;out of the container & in a trailer,on the trail to a revealing event.With the help of a friend!
Across town to a shed by a tidal-water canal.
I stripped & painted inside & out :: started reassembly.
Get it operating,with a spare,loaded in a trailer,ready for tracking.
How many roads does a pump have to go before being effective & ready for application? I chose that obscure road less travelled so that I could learn from the exxperiences to be found there & not elsewhere?
Propeller pump tec is one thing;;the terrors of a time in a sinking boat is what I read in "Fatal Storm"[Mundle] & plethoras of other marine lit.I've been paddling in a paddy & flooded places it's been a long & varied road.Which way to go is a navigation by the instinct ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> towards a better bilge pump~~~~~~~~~>

"One does not discover new lands without consentingto loose sight of the shore for avery long time" --Andre/ Gide.

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onetonpump Posted - 06/03/2013 : 22:58:15
I've got the OTP & the trailer to carry it.A CREATIVE CIRCLE starts with one person taking an inquisitive interest.The shed//workshop exists;permission from the owner is slowly happening[I hope].Money is promised & due in,via a DONATE BUTTON in onetonpump.com the website;this is all I need to progress.
The plan for this CHALLENGE to make the BEST BILGE PUMP is to make 100=ONE HUNDRED PUMPS & scatter them to those with the capability,interest & resources to develope the concept further::universities,schools,IRRI,UNDP,&various companies.
Then IHPVA &Guiness Records can sort out the best performer after "THE HUMAN POWERED PUMP REGATTA".My desire is to have the best available for all to copy freely;this I know is counter to the current patenting regime & corporate competitiveness paradigm.I feel strongly that a co-operative spirit of mutual assistence will produce a better product to save that SINKING SAILOR.
You can help by pushing that donate button!

"The events in our lives happen in a sequence of time,but in their significance to ourselves,they find their own order..... the continuous thread of revelation." ~~EUDORA WELTY~~

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onetonpump Posted - 04/19/2013 : 22:52:14
"Man can know nothing excepy by going from the known to the unknown"[[Claude Bernard.]]The mystery of getting OTP out of a storage container & into a shed is unfolding.Sheds are multiplying in this city.A way of keeping some guys doing practical stuff,an opportunity for OTP to be assembled & run;tested & discussed.
More input leads to design by committe,variants will happen,I'll do the video of how to make it,schoolchildren can use it educationally,malls can display messages from the water utility,with a trailer mounted display,which could go out the door of said shed.

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onetonpump Posted - 03/28/2013 : 03:52:34
A chance exists~a place to put the show together is near & soon available;then the tests,more experiments,while a video rolls to be edited with script.Explanation with pictures moving.

"Creative work is play.It is free speculation using the materials of ones' chosen form." *Michele Shea.

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