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Exciting WHPSC News !    

Paula Tomera, Executive director of the Lander County Convention and Tourism Authority (LCCAT) has written:

We have some very exciting news for The World Human Powered Speed Challenge. 

LCCAT is working on the feasibility of developing our own track and possibly facilities for the WHPSC off Highway 305. We are still working out the details as well as the location. 

What I need from all of you is a support letter for the event and a new track. The potential impact this could have on our event could be tremendous! 

Also anyone interested in extending your talents to us in developing this project would be greatly appreciated.”

If you support this project, please contact Paula at 775-635-1112,  landercta@gmail.com or mail your letters to Paula Tomera, Executive Director, Lander County Convention & Tourism Authority, 470 Broad Street, Battle Mountain, NV. 89820 or contact Al & Alice Krause at a.krause@sbcglobal.net

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