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Held on the 6th September

Held on August 28th & 29th

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Held on August 3rd & 4th

Held on August 4th & 5th

9th May

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Held on August 2nd & 3rd August

2002 Racing

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A pictorial look at the race and it's competitors.

The All Schools' Pedal Prix Championship is usually held at the Gold Coast City Council Cycling Complex Nerang, Queensland, Australia. Come along and see schools from all over Queensland and others from interstate competing in a 6 hour race. For any more info or directions you could contact Mr John Careless at the Merrimac State High School or maybe Darryl Shelswell on 07 3203 3025.

This event is held annually and is organised to involve all Qld High Schools, both private and public.

Covered vehicles with good equipment will generally be in Category A. Category B is for open vehicles with basic equipment and Category C for girls. Any aerodynamics will place a vehicle into category A. Starting positions for the grid will be determined by a draw in each category, not by time trials on the day before the race. Rules are similar to the Adelaide Pedal Prix and is endorsed by the South Coast Region of Education Queensland and the Industrial Technology and Design Teacher's Association.

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