Pictures of a US Pro Drive Kit (without motor)

Warning - 10 inline images all at just over 200k each, size 1280 X 960

It's gearing ratio it is as follows

With the unit plugged in and switched on it draws 220ma at idle. (no motor activity)

With the motor off the drive unit it draws 1.3A - 1.5A with no load and at full speed.

MVC-004F.JPG 214948

MVC-016F.JPG 209211

MVC-011F.JPG 207097

MVC-014F.JPG 216787

MVC-015F.JPG 218873

MVC-017F.JPG 212415

MVC-019F.JPG 212980

MVC-020F.JPG 213874

MVC-021F.JPG 211993

MVC-018F.JPG 218811