This is a home-built recumbent trike with a Zeta 1 'roller on the tyre' (well not actually roller but toothed rubber belt on the tyre). I'm not exactly light so with the marginal power of the Zeta makes it purely an assist. Speed is about 13 k/hr on the flat if I don't pedal. The Zeta has minimal running gear so I've picked up a fair bit of power/speed by adding a 'proper' ex electric wheel chair battery, relay and thicker wiring.

20" back wheel with carrier made for a 26" machine gives enough clearance for the motor unit.

- Rubber strap on left to give tension for the unit on the tyre.

- The ribbed Al body is the spine of the unit. Helps to remove heat from the motor as well.

- Motor closeup. Looks very much like the cheap non openable type used in cordless drills, just a bit bigger.


Video's of this in action

- Clipping it up, then down then running it on the stand. MPEG video viewing size 160 x 112 - File size 248k

- Running up on the stand. I have taken out the small internal battery so the sound of it running resonates through the plastic case. It isn't very loud but I think the camera picks up the sound easily. Also there's an on/off scraping sort of sound - that doesn't happen when it's on the road and there isn't anything scraping - not sure what that is. MPEG format. Viewing Size 320x200 - 5 sec, File size 474k

- This is the owner riding. You may be able to hear a slight squeaking noise - It rained heavy last night so the belt is slipping slightly as I'm only at about 12k/hr. MPEG format. Viewing Size 320x200 - 5 sec, File size 412k

- Running on the stand - MPEG video viewing size 160 x 112 - File size 120k

Pics and video's of the unit on the bike all how I first bought it.

MVC-372F.JPG - Lid open, top view
MVC-373F.JPG - close up
MVC-375F.JPG - roller on tyre
Mvc-371w.mpg - MPEG format, viewing size 320x200 - 15 sec, File size 1.4 meg
Mvc-379v.mpg - MPEG video, viewing size 160x112 - 7 sec, File size 160k
Mvc-380v.mpg - MPEG video, viewing size 16ox112 - 5 sec, File size 120k
Mvc-368w.mpg - MPEG format, viewing size 320x200 - 5 sec, File size 475k

Thursday, June 21, 2001

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