Chapter 7, Part 2, Section 1

Constructing the Drop-Outs

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Written by Rickey M. Horwitz


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The dropouts for the Thunderbolt are both constructed out of .250 thick, 6061-T6 Aluminum stock.  Unlike conventional drop-out designs which interface both seat and chain stays, the Thunderbolt drop-outs interface only the chainstays.  Not only does this design offer excellent strength, it also gives the trike a touch of artistic styling.

Materials Required

Required Tools




The fastest and easiest approach to building the drop-outs is by taking the actual drawing, glue it on the aluminum stock and simply use it as a template.    I have included some dimensions so that the builder can scale the drawing to the proper size when printing.  Upon printing the drawing use a ruler and verify that the dimensioning is within spec, resize as required.

Below is a drawing of the Dropouts in a Microsoft Windows Metafile (*.WMF) Format.  Click on the filename below to download:



dropouts.gif (4767 bytes)



Prior to cutting the Drop-Outs, drill out all required holes.   These include both rack/fender mounts using a #29 drill, the Derailluer Hanger using a 23/64" thread and both Axle Channels (as shown below).  Once these hole have been made, the Drop-Outs are ready to be cut using a metal band saw.  As shown, the 3/8" holes provide a perfect radius for the axle channels.  With a little patience 85% of all the shaping can be accomplished using the band saw.  For final finishing use a file or belt/disc sander. 

wpe3.jpg (17226 bytes)

Upon final finish, tap the rack/fender mounts using a 8-32 tap.  Tap the derailluer hanger using a 10mm x 1.0 metric Tap.  the Drop-Outs should now be ready for Stay assembly.