Chapter 7, Part 2

Constructing the Trike Rear End

Version 1.0 

Written by Rickey M. Horwitz


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Building the Seat and Chain Stays is not an easy task.  The complete assembly requires a total of seven compound bends and comprises of five individual tubes of aluminum.  To make matters even worse, a total of seven miters are required to fit this assembly together.  If that wasn't enough, the whole assembly must be TIG welded (including a pair of dropouts).  the end results will be well worth the effort, as these stays are of the finest design in the recumbent industry.

This section constitutes a major effort on my part, as precise detail and instruction are required.  Pay careful attention to all instructions.  If you feel lost, please E-mail me.

Design Overview

The illustrations below represents all aspects of the trike rear-end.  Regardless of how each part is fabricated, the end results should appear as dimensioned in these drawings.


The above drawing dipicts a side and top view of the chain stays.