My Zip Exprimenter's Fairing with Homemade Lightweight Quick-Release Frame
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Once upon a time there was a very lightweight fairing on a PVC Frame...

(Total weight ... less than 2 lbs)

It was a nice fairing. I rode fast with it. Then one day, just before I was about to fly down a hill at over 30 mph, the PVC mount broke. That's when I decided... PVC is great for pipes, but isn't the best stuff for frames...

The 7075 Aluminum Faring Frame
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Actually it's a combo of 7075 seamless 1" tubing, 6061 sheet, pop rivets, and even a bit-o-titanium. The 6061 sheet is cut into triangles and riveted (and epoxied) onto the 7075 tubing. The entire assembly connects to the bike with two 1/4" threaded posts. Just take off two wingnuts and the whole thing comes off.

You can drop the bike a few feet and the fairing won't flop all over the place. Consider what a fairing frame failure would be like at 47 mph. That's how fast I've taken this rig to...

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