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Bike Specific Computational Tools

These spreadsheets tools in Excel format were developed by Sanders, Snyder & Tetz. They represent many days of work by the authors, and will give the intrepid builder or researcher the ability to quantify bicycle related issues such as determining your own power capabilities, power vs speed, power to climb hills, CdA (aerodynamic drag), Crr (rolling resistance), and many more.

Also included are instructional texts to help guide the user in making proper measurements.
Read Intro.doc first (14k) .html format (ALL of the .doc in .ZIP format) (22k)
Computational Spreadsheets

To get a free Excel Viewer from SPREADSHEETO website

TCoastF1.xls- Coasting Spreadsheet by John Tetz
TCoastF3.xls- Coasting Spreadsheet by John Tetz
FMiniUSb1.xls - Mini Power Calculator
FMiniUSc1.xls - Mini Power Calculator with colors and outlines.
FMiniMb1.xls - Mini Power Calculator in metric, black and white.
PDGus1.xls - Power, Gearing, and % distribution.
CompUS1.xls - For comparing two vehicles.
USmMus1.xls - US to metric and Metric to us conversions.
Forcpower.xls - A metric Force & Power spreadsheet for HPV's
effctspd.xls - Math model of Social Speed hypothesis

Associated Documentation

FMni.doc  *.html format - Mini Power Calculator documentation
PG.doc  *.html format - Power, Gearing, and % Distribution documentation
Compare.doc  *.html format
Usm-Mus.doc  *.html format
CdAmeas.doc - Coasting Spreadsheet by John Tetz
CrrMeas.doc - Coasting Spreadsheet by John Tetz
Grade.doc - Coasting Spreadsheet by John Tetz
Measure.doc - Coasting Spreadsheet by John Tetz

Instructional Documentation

Layouts.doc  *.html format
PwrCap.doc  *.html format
HpCapTXT.doc  *.html format
Accel.doc  *.html format

Charts and Plots

Table of CDA and Crr values of various vehicles
Graph of Long term human power capabilities graph

To email John Tetz

Spreadsheets submitted by various authors:

CoG Tool.xls by Dave Grandeffo
Trail vs Head Angle vs Wheel Dia stable.zip
Ackerman steering -trikes by Peter Eland
Tyre Rolling Resistance Data by John Lafford
Tubemiter.exe by Giles Puckett
Analytic Cycling is a web page of bike equations and numerical methods by Tom Compton
U-Joints.xls and UJoint.txt (a technical discussion of U-Joints by Greg Peek)
A Drivetrain Analyzer/Gear Calculator by J Odell for HPV's
CoG Tool.txt by Grandeffo *.html format
Steernew.txt by Eland *.html format
tubemit3.txt by Pucket *.html format
Crosswind Stability paper by Dr. Andreas Fuchs *.htm format

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