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How fast does it fly?
Approx 25km/hr

Why did you choose females to pilot the aircraft?
The reason for having female pilots is that the various existing records for Human Powered Flight set by male pilots are considered to be beyond the scope of the project at this stage. The present female world record distance is 6.83 km set by Lois McCallin of the early Daedalus team in Jan 97, using the Michelob Light Eagle, a fore-runner of the Daedalus design. At present there is no official Australian record for any distance for either male or female.

When did the project first start?
1984 after students built a car and competed in the Shell Mileage Marathon in Sydney.

What is the average prop RPM?
The propeller is designed to turn at 120 rpm with a calculated efficiency of 98% whilst the pilot pedals at about 80 rpm cadence.

What course subjects are covered with it involved?
Students who participate range from Preparatory Engineering course students to those enrolled in the 2 Associate Diplomas in Mechanical and Civil Engineering. The age range is from 15 to 45 and there are usually around 15 students in total. Participation is voluntary but mainly all eligible full-time students choose to be involved.

How heavy does it weigh?
Initially 39kg at 23 metres wing span, now 37 kg at 28 metres.


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