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This site is an attempt to make a comprehensive list of resources for the HPV builder getting into specifics instead of machines as a whole. I don't claim to have designed or even made these items but thought it useful to list as much information available on the internet on building recumbents. As the saying goes 'A picture speaks a thousand words' so links may only show a picture if I thought that it needs no other explanation.

Work is being done on this constantly so to be sure you are getting the latest update hit refresh (or reload) on your browser each visit and check out the latest additions.

If you would like to have listed your page/s or know of any useful to list here please feel free to contact me.

Plans for sale
* Greenspeed
* Groundhugger & Groundhugger XR2 Carbon Fibre
* Bentec
* People Movers
* Tour Easy - or look here.
* Tricanter Mk VI
* M12 Aerocoupe
* LaBent  by LaDue
* The PedElec electric bike plans
Recumbent bike project by Mike Wolfe
* IE Systems
* No weld recumbent bike
* Festina 20/20 and 16/20 from Crystal Engineering
* Zephyr low racer
* Quickwheeler
Computer Cd



Books, videos,
Mag articles
- Recumbent UK
- Recumbent Cycle News
- Velo Vision

Pedal-Power Submarine

Hand Powered cycles Adjustable Geometry Recumbent bike

Walking machines


All wheel drive bike

Car - recumbent carrier

Human Powered Aircraft

Wooden Recumbents

Rowing Cycles

Sociable Tandem

  Human Powered Mower

Structural Failures - Are Welds and bends incompatible?

Analytic Cycling Pedaling Model Concept

Human Powered Server

Design for better Handling

Choosing Materials Building Jig Welding   Helicopter
Recumbent FAQ's Spoke length Calculators

Calculating Gear Inch and Cadence

Tyre comparisons Brakes ISO Rim Sizes Mailing Lists, Newsgroups & Chat
Lights Trailer Continuously Variable Transmission Net Resources
'Bents on Rollers Reverse Gear for HPV's Aerodynamics Folding cycles
Online HPV Magazines
Bent Rider Online

Internally Routing Cables

Making decals

Stephanie Monfrey's Framebuilding Website Performance calculator excel file

Tandem References & Resources

Bar-end Shifters

'Schlumpf Mountain-Drive'

14 speed Rohloff Hub

S & S Couplings

2 wheel steering bike
Enclosed chain drive bike Steering Designs Boats


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