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Queensland HPV Enthusiasts Group


Hello fellow Internet surfer and welcome to our Web page. I'm very glad that you made it this far . . . and I hope that you'll stick around long enough to get to know what we're about. We are a loose collection of Recumbent cycle enthusiasts, affiliated to OzHPV, the Australian Human Powered Vehicle Group set-up to assist like minded people and promote HPV's (human powered vehicles) throughout Australia. We have set aside ride/try gatherings/discussions throughout the year to encourage the growth of the HPV movement throughout South East Queensland so feel free to contact us if you need any information.

Who are We - The People

In the table below click on the pictures to see a larger shot. Some of the text and pictures may go to a web page if we have enough information on the person - can you help us out with the ones unnamed or missing? Because the group is so informal it may take some time to get information on many of the members.

Darryl Shelswell & Son Joel
Deception Bay
Darryl Holding trikeJoel on trike
Ray Hembrow
Greenspeed GTR 20/20 trike
Ray on trike
David Johnston
Email :
Greenspeed trike pilot
Trike side view
Bevan Ferris
Homebuilt SWB, ASS, 26" - 20"
Bevan on trike
Graham Hyslop
Mudgeerabah (Gold Coast)
Homebuilt ASS bike
Graham on bike
Peter Rankin
Homebuilt ASS bike, ZAP power assist
Bike side view
Robert Barnes
Robert on Windchetah
Robert Lindert
Robert on Windcheetah
Peter Cobine
Kangaroo Point
Vision SWB USS bike
Homebuilt Greenspeed trike
Peter on trike
Alan Crane
700c/20" Windcheetah.
Alan on Windcheetah
Jeff Owen
Home built Greenspeed recumbent trike
Jeff on trike
James Macdonald
Several recumbents incl Radius 16v & Peer Gynt.
Radius 16v
Tim Stuart
Greenspeed 26"- 20" bike
Tim on bike
Michael Fanning
Peer Gynt
Peeer Gynt
Susan Barlow
Peer Gynt copy
Peer Gynt
James Mclean
Coopers Plains, Brisbane
Homebuilt SWB USS bike
bike, side view
Ray Styles
Bribie Island
Tour Easy copy, homebuilt SWB Bike and Manx
Bike, side view
David Rountree

Greenspeed Tourer
David on trike
Dr Pat Howden
Macleay Island
Electric FWD Sociable Tandem trike
Pat on trike
Peter Comber
Roulandt recumbent bike
Peter beside bike
Les Bens
Homebuilt SWB trike.
Steve Moller
Gatton, Homebuilt LWB 'Tour Easy' Bike
Wally Potter
Deception Bay
Wally on trike
Robert Mcarthur
Rans V Rex bike
Rans bike
Rockley Boothroyd
Swift Trike
Rockley on trike
Paul Bradley & Glenys Williams
Streetglider bike
Side view of bike
Slingshot Side view of trike
Timothy Bray
homebuilt SWB USS bike; upright tandem
Gerard Harber
Greenspeed tourer trike.
Glen Stickley
Tour Easy copy
Giles Puckett




We now have a brochure we give out to people who ask about recumbents. It also includes things like the Australian manufacturers, contact information for the group etc. File size 445k in Adobe Acrobat format.

Dec 22nd 1999 - Guy caught at Gympie riding from Cairns to Coolangatta to raise awareness for young people in a farming project. Have a look at this very well built homebuilt trailer he was lent from a local clergyman at Gin Gin to complete his trip. Rumour has it that you can pick up this 102 L storage box from your local Supa Cheap auto store for under $30.

We now have a T shirt printed, see the logo.


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If you want to get in contact with us:

Darryl Shelswell, 9 Canna St, Deception Bay
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