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The Sky Cycle project is run from the Burnie TAFE College in north Western Tasmania. The first project was initiated in 1984 when Ron Sushames and his students built a car and competed in the Shell Mileage Marathon in Sydney. It has no connection to the human powered aircraft of the same name designed by the Austrian Josef Malliga.

Since then the school has built cars, pedal boats and is currently engrossed in this latest project, a human powered aircraft.. This craft, described as a 'push bike' on wings is a low cost ultra-light flying machine which is powered by pedaling.

The main aim of the project, as with it's predecessors is to improve the learning process for engineering students. Engineering is a demanding and relatively rigid course of study and the sky-cycle project introduces and element of challenge, camaraderie and fun into learning. When the aircraft has finally 'had it's days' it will be passed on to the Queen Victoria Museum in Launceston for display fully assembled.

Read more about how we are using these Projects as a Teaching Strategy in Engineering.

For enquiries about the project or TAFE courses involved contact the Burnie TAFE - on Ph 0364345899, Fax 0364345775, PO Box 1234, Burnie 7320


Last updated Sunday, November 05, 2006

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