8 Different Kingpin designs

I don't claim to have design these but intend them to be a stimulus for thought when designing and making HPV's. The diagrams are not to scale and only represent the concept and aren't meant to show relative size of material.




The main limitations with this design are:

* It doesn't have roller bearings in the bare frame and therefore would have a little more friction or if bearings are added would add to it's complexity.

* The axle passes through the kingpin and could weaken it.

Also see these Kart Style Spindles.


kingpinPicture of kingpin

As above with the axle mounted below the pivot.




The thread would need to be reasonably slop free and therefore would be best cut quite festering movement would also tend to raise & lower the front but with a fine thread this shouldn't be a problem.


kingpinPicture of kingpin

I've seen this in action and it worked quite well. A drum brake would be easy to mount on this design because of the vertical mounting surface it butts up to. It also wouldn't be so hard to have adjustable wheel camber.

Here is a project that has used this system.






Ex bike fork kingpinPicture of kingpin

This is the design used in all my trikes. It is made out of an existing bike steering head and fork and takes little time to produce. The hardest part is drilling the axle hole straight. As this is a standard bike part headlight mounts, handlebars etc can be fitted using available material.




This type of setup doesn't look as good IMHO as swinging the wheel from one side but is a way of using bike front wheels and axles as well as a place to install calliper brakes. It's a lot harder to get the trike CG low enough except with small wheels. The first here uses a bike steering head and forks. It may be wise to make it so that the bearings can be removed or at least adjusted. Some I've seen just cut the fork stem tube and others use a new piece of material on the top for a neater look.
















This concept uses self centering ball joints. It would be easy to set the kingpin inclination and does have some potential as long as they are strong enough. This trike seems to use this method










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Last updated Friday, January 30, 2009