A Simple Bike Trailer



Although the concept would be very useful this project didn't work out quite the way I wanted but does have some potential.Pivot drawing

Mounting a bike onto a trike has the potential for problems because of the inherent way they work. The bike when pedaled tends to destabilise the trike with side by side movements and it could have been improved upon by making the bike trailer recumbent with a lower centre of gravity as well as having 2 rear wheels.

The connection between the two is best when having these attributes:

I made the coupling using the front forks and seat bracket of a push-bike. The fork legs were cut off leaving enough room to mount a seat bracket. This bracket bolts onto a seat tube on the trike. The seat bracket used as the up and down pivot and the front forks for the side by side pivot. The steering head tube could be mounted vertically or better still tilted forward which would have the trailer lean into the turn. The nuts used to hold on the bracket need to be the type with a nylon insert (sometimes called nylocks in Australia) so they don't undo with movement. For some other trailer ideas check out the Novel HPV Ideas page the electric assist single track Trailer, recumbent bike trailer as well as Birth of the Trailerbent.




Tim & Chris on machine



In Action


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Last updated 6th July 1998