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Where to Find A Four-Wheeled Bike

Home pages of Bent Folks around the Globe

International Human Powered Vehicle Assn

Kickbike online

Robert Q. Riley Enterprises

Oz HPV Inc

Australian National Pedal Prix

Bicycle powered generator & Pedal Powered Generator




Bicycle Tasmania On-Line

Recumbent Cycles

Aussie Cycling Links




A.S.Engineering S-327 trike

The Trikes Page

The Zephyr and Thunderbolt Recumbent Sports Tricycles

Sidewinder Cycle's Home Page!

Randy Coverstone Web pages. Fun with a Recumbent Trike


   Power Assist and Solar Cycles

Sunstrike Solar/Human Powered Vehicle

Australian Electric Vehicle Association

Peter VanDerWal's EV page

Rob Cameron's Hybrid Electric Recumbent (BikeE)

Electric Assist Bicycle


Human Powered Aircraft  


Burnie TAFE Skycycle Project

Human-Powered Aircraft (HPA)

Velair HPA in Germany

Human Powered Ornithopter

NASG(Nihon univ. Aero Student Group)'s HomePage of HPA's

The RAVEN Project

The Royal Aeronautical Society Human Powered Aircraft Group

Design a HPA

Links and News sources for HPA's. Has heaps of references.

FAI Human Powered Aircraft World Records

Solar Aircraft of the University of Stuttgart

Solair II


Muscle powered tandem helicopter or sailplane - has pedal operated mechanism which produces constant driving torque.


Building Recumbent Cycles  

WISIL HPV Projects, Rumors, and Ramblings

Long Wheelbase Easy Racer clone frame plans

Gthun Trike page

Don Boose builds an EconBent

Templates for mitering tubing

This program plots a drawing of a mitered angle on tubing.

Another tube mitering program by Giles Puckett produced Dec 1998. And the text file to accompany it.

Make your own Large Sprockets by Giles Puckett

HPV Construction Projects including Lean Steer Trike & Row Bike


Steve's Recumbent bike page

Barnett Williams' Recumbent Page

Alleweder Trike

How to make a short wheel base recumbent bike out of mild steel.

Recumbent Cycle Design & Construction

Recumbent Trike Project by Phil Edwards


Wheel Disks


WISL's How to make wheel disks

HUFF 4 article on Fully Enclosed plastic wheel covers By Keith Philipson


Steering Geometry

Automobile Ride, Handling, and Suspension Design With Implications for Low-Mass Vehicles

Three-Wheelers in Automotive Application, Primary Factors That Determine Handling Characteristics

Peter Elands Spreadsheet for Ackermann steering design and one specific to direct steering on the kingpin.


Gear Inch and Candence Calculators


Cycling Cadence and Bicycle Gearing

Bicycle Analyzer Data Form (uses a Web Browser)

Bike gear program (software by Rod Heilfron)

Bike Gear Ratio Calculator for Win 95 (software by Pewter Sobey)

Gear Inch & Shifting Pattern Calculator

For standard derailer gearing see
For internal gearing see


   Spoke Length Calculator

Spoke length Calculator (uses a Java-enabled WWW-browser)

Wheelpro Spoke length Calculator (uses a Java-enabled WWW-browser)

Free Excel spoke length calculator

United Bicycle Institute Online Spoke Length Calculator

Spoke Length Calculator


Patent Search's Worldwide

View patent designs, some in Adobe Acrobat format, some in the picture format GIF and others in TIFF.

Europe's Network of Patent Databases - Patent applications in their original language from Great Britain, Other European countries, The European Patent Office, The World Intellectual Property Org. (PCT).

U.S Patent Database

US Patent and Trademark Office

Canadian Patent Database



Mailing Lists, Newsgroups & Web Chat Pages


The Recumbent Bicycle Newsgroup

aus.bicycle Newsgroup

alt.binaries.electric-veh Newsgroup

HPV mailing list info

Trikes mailing list

IHPVA mailing lists

FAI Man-powered Aircraft and solar-powered aircraft mailing list

Electric Vehicle Discussion list

'power-assist' mailing list message board


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